CHRISTO-LUBE® – MCG 111 – O2 Grease (2oz)


Uses for open and closed circuit diving systems, aviation oxygen, hyperbaric chambers and medical gas regulators. Oxygen compatible.

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CHRISTO-LUBE® – MCG 111 – O2 Grease (2oz)

CHRISTO-LUBE® MCG 111 is a fully fluorinated grease thickened with PTFE which operates under extreme temperature conditions, has outstanding stability with oxygen and excellent compatibility with metals, plastics and elastomers. This medium consistency fluorinated lubricant is especially useful in lubricating valve and regulator components where nonreactivity with harsh chemicals, fuels and solvents is an important factor. CHRISTO-LUBE® MCG 111 is qualified to MILPRF-27617G Types I, II & III and is also registered with NSF as an H-1 lubricant meaning it is acceptable for use in or around food processing equipment.

CHRISTO-LUBE_MCG111_ Datasheet

CHRISTO-LUBE_MCG111_ SafetyDatasheet

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