AxLIGHT 35- Underwater LED Lamp 24VDC

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The AxLIGHT 35 is a powerful underwater inspection lamp that offers a light intensity output of 2 800 Lux at a distance of 1m, the equivalent of a 350W Halogen bulb. It is one of the best underwater lamps on today’s market with it’s robust Hard Anodized Aluminum enclosure, non-conductive Delrin® Head and the integrated light reflector.

Advanced Technology

    • Thermal Protection Circuit to prevent overheating
    • Protection Circuit in case of improper connection
    • High Voltage (32VDC Max) Protection Circuit
    • Low Power requirement and consumption
    • Variable intensity control (when paired with AXSUB’s surface units)

High Efficiency

Regular diving lights utilizing halogen bulbs have a very high rate of failure and are extremely sensitive to variations in temperature. Lighting failure increases the Safety Hazards toward the diver and the Total Cost of Diving Operations which in turn reduces the profitability of your project.

AXSUB’s LED system’s use anodized aluminum heat sink to diffuse the heat in its surrounding environment. This feature reduces the risk of water infiltration due to material expansion and increases the working life of the LED array. The non-conductive front housing is safe to be use while conducting underwater welding. The Light’s characteristics have been selected to function within adequately low visibility working environments, and for close contact working distances.

Low Operating Costs

AXSUB’s LED matrix has a life expectancy of more than 50 000 hours which is the equivalent of over 6 years of continuous operation. With a total power consumption of only 15 watt, using the AxLIGHT requires a smaller gauge electric cable and lower power consumption requirements than a typical halogen system.


Intensity :2 800 Lux @ 1m
Operating Life :10 000 hours
Beam Angle :100°
Color Temp :5 000 K


Length :

Diameter (Body) :

(Head) :

4.7’’ (119 mm) excl. connect.

1.37’’ (35 mm)

2.4’’ (61 mm)

Weight :11.8 oz (335 g) in air

4.8 oz (135 g) in salt water

Depth rating :1000’ (300 m)
Housing material :Delrin® and Hard Anodized Aluminium
Housing port :Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate


Compliance :RoHS
Voltage :23 to 28 VDC
Power :

Dimmer Control :

25 Watt

5 to 0 VDC (0 to 100%)


Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 in

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AxLIGHT 35- Underwater LED Lamp 24VDC