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AxVIEW-P – Portable Subsea Video System

AxVIEW P – Portable Subsea Video System

The AxVIEW P is our entry level portable video system. It is designed for Commercial Diving Operations. It can be configured as a 1, 2 or 3-diver system. External battery pack can be added. When equipped with the optional single 13.3’’ monitor or dual 7in monitors and our SD Card PVR Recorder, you can record Video on a SD Card without a computer!

Ordering Information (Product Code – Description)

AxVIEW1-P        Portable Subsea Video System (1-diver)

AxVIEW2-P        Portable Subsea Video System (2-diver)

AxVIEW3-P        Portable Subsea Video System (3-diver)

Advanced Technology

  • PORTABLE enclosure & RUGGED components
  • Integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • SAFE Low Voltage Output to the diver (24VDC)
  • Video recording on a 64GB or 128 SD Card (with the optional SD PVR)
  • Audio Input for recording in the same file as the video
  • LED Lamp Control for AXSUB® AxLIGHT35 (1 per diver)

Available Options 

  • 13.3’’ LCD Monitor (P-OPT-1S13-SD/HD)
  • 13.3’’ LCD Monitor with SD card recorder    (P-OPT-1S13-PVR2-SD/HD)
  • Dual 7’’ LCD Monitors for 2 divers (P-OPT-2S07-SD)
  • Dual 7’’ LCD Monitors with SD Card Recorder for 2 divers (P-OPT-2S07-PVR2-SD)
  • 15Ah External Battery Packs (B15Ah-24VDC-V2)
  • Battery Pack cable (PSC-SINGLE-6BP) / External charger (C01A-24VDC)
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