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AxVIEWHD-P – Portable Subsea HD Video System

AxVIEWHD P – Portable Subsea HD Video System

The AxVIEWHD P is the second generation of our Portable High Definition Video system that use one of our 1080P HD Cameras: AxSEEHD57 or AxSEEHD30.

Designed for Commercial Diving Operations. The unit can be configured as either a 1 or 2 diver system. When delivered with PVR option, the system records 1080P HD Videos on a SD Card. Audio/Video Files can be copy to a computer for playback.

Advanced Technology

  • High Definition 1080P with very low video latency up to 660ft (200m)
  • PORTABLE enclosure & RUGGED components
  • Integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • SAFE Low Voltage Output to the diver (24VDC)
  • Video Recording on a 64GB SD Card (with optional HD PVR)
  • Audio Input for recording in the same file as the video
  • LED Lamp Control for AXSUB® AxLIGHT35 (1 per diver)
  • On Screen Display (OSD): Date and Time only

Available Options 

  • 13.3’’ LCD Monitor (P-OPT-1S13-SD/HD)
  • 13.3’’ LCD Monitor with SD card recorder    (P-OPT-1S13-PVR2-SD/HD)
  • Dual 7’’ LCD Monitors for 2 divers (P-OPT-2S07-SD)
  • Dual 7’’ LCD Monitors with SD Card Recorder for 2 divers (P-OPT-2S07-PVR2-SD)
  • 15Ah External Battery Packs (B15Ah-24VDC-V2)
  • Battery Pack cable (PSC-SINGLE-6BP) / External charger (C01A-24VDC)

Ordering Information (Product Code – Description)

AxVIEWHD1-P        Portable High Definition Subsea Video System (1-diver)

AxVIEWHD2-P        Portable High Definition Subsea Video System (2-diver)

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