Exodus Oxy Thermic Cutting Electrodes deliver an outstanding performance in the most challenging situations. The balanced physical and metallurgical construction guarantees an effordless (re)ignition of the electrode. Generating a constant extreme high temperature of around 6000C the electrode will cut or melt nearly every material. The electrode can be used for both underwater and surface applications. Utilizing the electrode simply requires a proper industry standard underwater cutting torch, DC Welding Inverter, circuit breaker and an appropriate Oxygen source.

The electrode can even be ignited using a 12V DC battery, even when current is off it will remain burning as long as a sufficient oxygen flow is maintained. However when cutting conductive materials it is recommended to use amps to generate more heat and to enhance the cutting process (generally up to 150Amps)

Product specifications:

  • Universal diameter of 3/8″(9.5mm)
  • Lengths: 18″(46cm)
  • Special tube coating for increased conductivity
  • Fast and easy (re)ignition.
  • Strong blue heat shrink tube for optimal safety and electrical insulation.
  • Exodus Oxy Thermic Cutting Electrodes are supplied in solid user-friendly plastic boxes of 58pcs (approx 10.5kg).
*For order of more than 30 boxes call for up to 10% discount