Northern Diver – V4 Dry Glove Ring System

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Northern Diver – V4 Dry Glove Ring System

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Northern Diver – V4 Dry Glove Ring System

Our innovative Dry Glove Ring System is trusted by recreational, technical and commercial divers around the world and used in an incredibly diverse range of diving conditions, including contaminated water environments. This latest version features a slimmer design, making it lighter and less bulky – in fact it is an incredible 33% smaller than earlier versions!

The system has been designed for use with neoprene or membrane drysuits that have either latex OR neoprene wrist seals. The fitting of the Dry Glove Ring System doesn’t impact the integrity of the drysuit seal in any way. The best part of the system is that it essentially adds another seal and with the inner and outer gloves, you’re wearing an additional set of gloves for your dive. This will help you stay warm when diving in cooler climates for longer.

Once fitted to the drysuit, the twin-safe locking ring mechanism gives simple, secure glove engagement. Releasing the gloves when required is equally as straightforward. One of the main benefits of the Dry Glove Ring System is that you can take the ring system on and off as required making it incredibly versatile, it doesn’t affect the form, function or fit of your suit in any way. The V4 Dry Glove Ring System is lighter in weight, less bulky, streamlined and more comfortable then the previous V3 model.

What’s in the box of a Dry Glove System?

Included in the Dry Glove System package are the pair of Ansell Extra™ gloves, thermal fleece inner gloves, two dry glove modules, three sealing rings, a locking tool and an adhesive sealant*.





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