Northern Diver – Suit Seal used for repairs to holes and tears in suits, used to seal our dry glove ring system to neo cuffs

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Northern Diver – Suit Seal

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Northern Diver – Suit Seal for repairs to holes and tears in suits

Suit Seal is a compound for permanently bonding and creating a waterproof seal on many materials. It offers incredible strength and resistance to abrasion, whilst allowing extensive flexibility and remaining waterproof.

Suit Seal is a high viscosity substance in a gel form which when cured becomes a clear elastic urethane rubber. A Suit Seal repair is a permanently hard and rigid urethane and is impervious to oil and other solvents solvents (eg, petrol). Primarily intended for use with neoprene materials, Suit Seal is also ideal for bonding many other fabrics such as latex, tri-laminates, Hypalon®, natural and synthetic leather, PVC, composites and many plastics. It is perfect for sealing stitching and reinforcing stress-point areas on wetsuits, drysuits, Hypalon® and PVC boats plus many other areas. It is also an excellent abrasion patch for reinforcing areas such as knees, seats and the underside of luggage. All seals and repairs made with Suit Seal should endure for the life of the item on which it has been applied.

Generally, prior to application, the surface to be treated should be clean. For new materials or smooth surfaces which may be difficult for bonding (such as latex, vinyls and composites) the surface should be prepared by wiping with solvent and then use an abrasive such as sandpaper to create a surface into which Suit Seal can bond. Suit Seal is designed to be fully cured and at full working strength in 8 to 12 hours.

> A permanent and flexible repair.
> Use on a range of materials.
> Fully seals and bonds.
> Able patch large holes.
> Provides excellent abrasion protection.
> Reinforces high-wear/high stress areas.
> Used for repairs to holes and tears in drysuits.
> Used when sealing the Northern Diver dry glove system to neoprene cuffs.

Clear, high viscosity urethane sealant.
Concentrated urethane rubber formula.
Minimal shrinkage.
Requires only one application.
Thermoset rubber, unaffected by solvents or extremes of temperature (-40ºF to +400ºF).

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 5 in
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